Like most people, your storage unit is probably filled to the ceiling with items you have collected over the years. Now when you need to find something, it is nearly impossible. Why not save time and let the folks at clean out your storage unit. Who knows, there could be some valuable merchandise in there that you’ve long since forgotten about.

Or perhaps there are some items there you could sell to make some quick cash. Either way, when it comes to cleaning out your storage unit, the mere idea of cleaning your unit out can be tiring and overwhelming. Cleaning out storage units are most certainly not an easy job. 

Our licensed and insured team with come and get rid of office furniture and equipment (we can even arrange charitable donation to such organization as Goodwill or The Salvation Army if you choose to pass along used furniture, office machines or machines for someone to reuse. You get the tax write-off and have authorized real recycling) all without you having to lift a finger or dirty your hands. 

We can shred sensitive documents, recycle hazardous E-waste and even give the warehouse a heavy cleaning when we are done. The warehouse will be cleared out, cleaned up and ready for another use in just a few short hours. is here to do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and relax and possibly discover hidden treasures. has hauled away many items including desks, old computers, electronics, old furniture, televisions, and anything that you could think of. haulers goes into the unit and sort out all the stuff for you and then pickup and haul away whatever junk garbage is left. We also do complete self-storage cleanouts for businesses that just want to decrease their monthly expenses.

So why not stop paying a monthly bill to keep your stuff sitting around in a musty storage unit, just give a call and let them handle everything involved when it comes to removing and cleaning out your old storage unit for you. 

Consider this: If you are currently paying $170 a month to store items you no longer use, you can save $2000 in a single year by clearing out those items and terminating your storage rental contract. There’s no need to keep spending money that’s wasted on space to store things you really don’t need. We’ve done all kinds of storage clean out jobs, from those small spaces to really big bay units and can do the same for you.’s professional and respectable staff will properly dispose of your old junk in a ecofriendly and effect way. Like any other job does, they recycle and reuse what they can, and dispose of any other items in a responsible manner.