The folks at efficiently and effectively manage and dispose of bank assets with the least risk and maximum amount of quality and efficiently. offers services that include: changing entry lock or keyway, locking all windows and doors, winterizing the property to the applicable specification and maintaining the grounds.

Property preservation represents an array of services required to maintain or restore a vacant residential or commercial property prior to sale, transfer or occupancy. Property preservation includes winterization, removal of garbage and other debris, cleaning and securing the property, as well as identification of needed repairs or service.

Those who work in property preservation work on behalf of loan servicers and through its national vendor network to keep vacant properties secure, safe and well-maintained inside and out. All work performed follows applicable investor and insurer guidelines. will change the locks based on the order from the bank, lock up the garage, secure the windows, and secure entrance to any other facilities on the property including pools, spas, and guest houses. The nice folks at will board up any broken windows or unsecure area on the property, remove interior, exterior or hazardous debris at the property as authorized by client request or the regulatory specifications for the bank.

The staff at are experienced and trained to take before and after photos of each room on the property. The crew will vacuum all areas, clean floors throughout the property including: bathroom and fixtures, replace missing and dead light bulbs, install smoke detectors where needed. will also clean windowsills, ceiling fans, fire places, baseboards.

Property preservation companies provide miscellaneous cleaning and maintenance services on behalf of lenders and financial institutions for foreclosed properties. Since banks are not typically in the property management business, they outsource their related responsibilities to various property preservation companies. 

Due to the number of foreclosed properties on the market, more and more property preservation companies are filling the demand by banks for these services. will also handle lawn maintenance, pool draining and maintenance, small repairs or rehab services and the identification of problems like mold or pest infestation. Preservation services are most frequently needed by banks and other lenders due to property foreclosures. If you are in need of someone who can handle property preservation in an efficient and professional way, contact the friendly staff at and they will be ready to help you.