Junk Removal Juneau, AK

Too Much Junk in Juneau? Let JunkRemoval.com help you take it out!

Our junk partners in Juneau are vetted, full service junk removal professional companies that will unburden you with all
the unwanted junk you have lying around in your residential and commercial spaces. You don’t have to worry about renting a
truck, hiring movers and finding a place to leave your junk in Juneau.  Our Junk partners offer all that--plus more. 

Junkremoval.com is the go to website for several Juneau homes and companies that need to clear out spaces.  A typical junk
removal team with just one truck can haul off all your junk in just a few hours.  Some of the most common items taken are
Appliances - TVs, washer and dryers, refrigerator
Heavy garage items - tools and tires
Renovation and construction debris
Backyard junk
Office supplies and equipment

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Recycling the Junk

Our junk removal partners are committed to keeping a safe and healthy environment in Juneau for our current and future
generations.  Our partners practice eco-friendly procedures in junk removal.  Most of the junk we take is recycled while
some items get donated to local charities. 

No matter how small or big the task, there is a junk removal partner for you. We offer same day or even off-hours service
for your Juneau junk removal. 

Junk Removal Pricing

A common question among Juneau residents is about price.  Pricing will vary from partner to partner, but typically the
price is determined by how much stuff you have that needs to be removed and is calculated by the amount of space taken up
in the truck.  Having just one item removed would be subject to the minimum charge of $75 up to $150.  All our junk removal
partners will give you a no obligation price quote.  Be sure to check out our pricing page by clicking here.  This page
will give you a better idea of how much room your junk will take up in the truck. 

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