Furniture Removal

Getting rid of your old furniture can be a hassle, when you attempt to move it yourself. The folks at are ready to help you immediately.  Furniture tends to be heavy and awkward to try and move yourself, not mention potentially dangerous if you incorrectly lift or handle heavy furniture going up or down stairs, steps, etc.

Some charities will not accept any furniture if it has any small rip, stain or is slightly soiled. You may think they will take that sofa and loveseat or your office furniture but they will not. It has to be in pristine condition. It can’t be put out on the curb because the local trash collection won’t pick up any type of old furniture. So, you’re stuck with it and don’t want to chance dumping it somewhere for fear of being caught and fined.

You could rent a truck and pile it in the back, but then, you’ve got to take it to the local landfill and it will be you who will have to unload it and pay junk removal fees. Of course ,that is after waiting in line for up to an hour in very undesirable filthy conditions. You may need to wash your vehicle after you leave, not to mention a possible flat tire. Plus, you have to pay a pricey junk disposal is ready to move that old couch you may have and are looking to replace with a brand new one. Perhaps you want to get rid of an old kitchen table. No matter the item or reason, is fully licensed and insured and is ready to come and safely remove your old furniture and take the stress away.

It’s important to properly recycle any and all furniture materials, as well as reuse them if possible by donating these items to a local charity or similar organization. Not only will you be clearing out unnecessary clutter from your home, you will also be helping the environment by safely disposing of your old furniture.

Consider giving the folks at a call when you are needing to get rid of some of your broken or just old furniture. They accept all types of furniture you may be interested in having removed.