Who really enjoys digging through their cramped crawl space. Just getting in the crawl space can be quite a task. Removing the old junk, you have in there, makes it even worse. JunkRemoval.com is fully insured to come onto your property and remove all those unwanted items out of your crawl space. 

JunkRemoval.com will not only haul away all the junk in your crawl space, but they will also offer full service clean-outs as well as junk removal. Our clean cut, uniformed, trained professionals will go into the space, clear everything out and rearrange/organize anything you need. On top of that, we’ll haul all the junk away and dispose of it properly! It doesn’t matter how big or small the crawl space is, or where it is, we will go there.

Nobody ever wants to go into their dark crawl space hidden beneath their house, especially to clean. Just like attics, they are always dirty, dark and filled with old junk. They are sometimes filled with bugs and small critters. However, now you can call JunkRemoval.com and they will be excited to come clean out your crawl space, while you sit back and relax.

If the items can be donated or recycled, the folks at JunkRemoval.com will do so and if not, they will dispose of the unwanted items from your crawl space responsibly. On average, the most common thing removed from crawl spaces are old Christmas trees. People love holding onto their Christmas trees, even after they buy a new one. 

Crawl spaces have several advantages over basements and slabs:
•    It gets the house up off the ground (especially important in damp or termite-prone areas).
•    It is a lot less expensive than a basement and comparable in price to a slab.
•    Duct work and plumbing can run in the crawl space, meaning that they are easy to service and move over the lifetime of the house.

Most of the time, crawl spaces are made of cinder block with a brick facing. Cleaning out crawl spaces can free up a lot of room for you so you can get organized and utilized that free space for other important things. Their clean-cut, friendly teams will go above and beyond typical “customer service” to truly “WOW” you with quick, efficient junk removal services. The choice is clear, so give JunkRemoval.com a call today, or the next time you want your crawl space clean and organized.